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Modern Classical

The Feather Braced Guitar

The feather braced guitar is a new concept which has been developed by Andrew and as the name suggests draws inspiration from the natural world. The braces are arranged in a unique pattern which uses biomimicry to allow for a very light, strong and stable soundboard. In addition to this the monocoque side construction provides a light but very rigid frame to enhance projection.  The result is a guitar with a long sustain, rich timbre and an increase in volume when compared to a traditional guitar. It also features an arm rest to provide the most comfortable playing experience and reduce damping of the soundboard, an elevated fingerboard to allow easier access to high notes above the 12th fret and a 12 hole bridge to ensure consitent break angle at the saddle. These instruments are made entirely with the finest traditional materials and have a comparable weight to a traditional guitar. 

Available from $7500 including Hiscox flight case

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